Jobfeed offers you an overview of new job vacancies appearing on the Internet. You can easily search and analyse these job ads by occupation, region, education level and whether an employer or a staffing agency advertised the job.

Using Jobfeed will provide you many benefits.

1. Increase your customer base

  • Discover new companies with current staffing needs and generate sales leads.
  • Make acquisition more effective by preparing for your meeting with background information on your prospect's staffing needs and recruiting activities.
  • Let Jobfeed work for you. Stay automatically up to date about the newest job postings that can be of interest to you, with the Jobfeed e-mail alerts.

2. Get more insight into your market

  • Support your strategic decisions with valuable job market information.
  • Gain insight into the recruitment activities of your customers and competitors.
  • Use Jobfeed as a benchmarking tool: discover your competitors and compare your position on the market.

3. Provide customised solutions to candidates

  • Search with one query through hundreds of sites for that one special job for your candidate.
  • Develop a career plan for your client, based on the current situation on the labour market.