Delivery of job information

    The Jobfeed information can be delivered in various types. For advice on which of the Jobfeed types suit your requirements and organisation best, please contact us.
  • Jobfeed Portal
    Via the Jobfeed portal, you can easily search jobs and activate e-mail alerts.
  • Jobfeed Data
    On the basis of predefined fields and filter criteria, you will receive a Microsoft Excel file every day or every week. This will give you clear, comprehensive information on vacancies of relevance to you.
  • Jobfeed API
    Integration with your own recruitment application is possible using the Jobfeed API. The supplier of your software system can use this interface to establish a link to Jobfeed. You can then use the Jobfeed jobs and search technology in your own application.
  • Jobfeed Analytics
    You can gain insight into the job market by analysing the job data using Jobfeed Analytics. The resulting analyses can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel.