We generated two job orders and a site visit from referencing job postings found by Jobfeed, just during the first few weeks! Having that reference helped our account managers break the ice on the cold call. We're also happy with Jobfeed's searching capabilities. It produces relevant results and is easy to maneuver. Matt Pustolski (Alliance Technical Solutions powered by TalentLaunch)
Jobfeed fits perfectly into our new business methods. We saw success within two weeks and have had a full return on the cost of the product already. Jobfeed allows us to quickly source new business leads and we now regard it as an important part of our business development team. Rob Bloomfeld (Recruiter Zone)
Beyond the qualities of Jobfeed among which we can cite the user friendliness, the accuracy and the business value, I'd like to acknowledge the performances of the Textkernel team. As a true partner, Textkernel has assisted us throughout the different stages of deployment of the tool: functional analysis, set-up, training and user support. A 5 star customer service which has facilitated the implementation of this new tool. Frédéric Schoch (Spring France)
We use Jobfeed on a daily basis to guide our strategic development. Jobfeed is a valuable tool which allows us to document the digital footprint of our clients! Diego de Brisoult (Geojobs.fr)
We use Jobfeed to find new prospects we would never have found through our other channels. In the first six months we have already gained five new customers. Jochem Eerden (Work-on)
Jobfeed provides jobs for our candidates and lets them see the potential and opportunities in the labour market. Peter Minkenberg (Thaeles)